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Funny comments on friends pic on instagram in hindi

Today we have given you 100+ funny comments on friends pic on instagram in hindi which you can use and before you read more and comment on someone’s photo, you should keep one thing in mind . Treat it like your friends don’t take any action on you.

  1. Heart and mind are adamant, both are after the same girl.

2. Those whose houses are made of glass…they make a beard sitting anywhere….

3. Mom- There is a world outside the mobile too, I am that world, that gathering is not of my use.

4. I had put my heart, it was lime.

5. In the middle of the night we wake up the sleeping souls of our friends, and after everyone is awake, we go to sleep ourselves.

6. All the flowers of the garden fall when you come, seeing what you are blind, why do you run and hit the pots.

7. People say that no one gets God on the ground, it seems that those people do not get any friend like you.

8. Even if you throw stones, you will fill your bag because we do not reject the gifts of friends.

9. Your face has settled in my heart like a buffalo stuck in a small door.

10. Sometimes a rooster makes a duck, I don’t know what this master takes revenge on me.

funny comments on friends pic on instagram

11. The paths have changed for us friends, but the relationship is still the same old.

12. The only difference between age and life is the age spent without friends and the life spent with friends.

13. I like to be friends with lunatics, sir, because no one wiser comes in trouble.

14. I do not make friends by looking at the status and religion, I make friends with those who like the heart.

15. People say that no one gets God on the ground, maybe those people do not get any friend like you.

16. True friends never let us fall, neither in anyone’s eyes, nor in anyone’s feet.

17. You don’t ask me the value of friendship, who ever told you that trees sell shade.

18. Kamaal ke ter nakhrein kamal ka tera style hai, no ability to talk and mobile in hand.

19. If you say, I should break the moon and stars, if you say then I should leave this world, my friend, I will break all your dirty teeth after seeing you with a laugh.

20. She became my destiny, I wrote so many letters in her memory that she became rich only by selling rubbish.

21. The moon emits more light and less than the stars, whenever I see you, I burst into laughter.

22. On silent mode, only phones look good, not friends.

23. It is normal to make many friends in life, it is special to maintain a lifelong friendship with only one friend.

24. You are not iron but you are steel, you are not my friend but my son.

25. Neither you would come on the roof, nor would I be crazy, neither would you throw stones nor would I be able to.

26. Some people are upset with my existence, this is the testimony of my existence.

27. Children show attitude, we show people their status.

28. Take care of me with a little thought because I am cute, but not Mute.

29. Do not dare to test my courage, I have already turned the tide of many storms.

30. Those who left and left, they have explained one thing, now keep those who come in life in their position.

31. Remember where we met earlier, the train stopped, the window opened and he said to himself, “Kuch dede baba in the name of Allah.

32. Farewell the tears from the eyes, separate the sorrows from the heart, but even if the heart does not feel it, then paint our house.

33. There is definitely a worm like you in the beautiful gardens in the beautiful flowers.

34. What have you said, you have won my heart

35. If you do not like me, then tell me, we will shoot you by placing a stone on your heart,
Big came, disliked.

36. Do not leave arrows in the dark, no matter how far the enemy is, they do not leave without breaking their bones.

37. Ignore my mistake because you can’t do anything anyway.

38. I am looking for someone who loves my soul.. Otherwise people get by even with money.

39. Time has changed many, but we have not changed, we are not those who follow the direction of the wind.

40. I have heard that everyone dies on one of your problems, come out for a while, but a mouse has been troubling you for a long time.

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