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Gandhi is not older than Lord Shri Ram BJP leader said release Kalicharan soon otherwise take us to jail

In the Dharma Sabha of Chhattisgarh, Gandhiji held a meeting with mantras. Chanting member Satchidananda Upne has been appointed to the post of Kalacharan and the rank of sedition. The religion of the dharna is under the constitution, many Rapur railway stations are sitting in the dharna near the temple. People of Sant Samaj say that Hinduism is in danger. Sant Samaj is in danger. When heated for more than 25 hours, the black shepherd’s will not speak among themselves after applying the preta.

This has been done to change the environment. Mahatma Gandhi may be older than Ram. The BJP workers said that they are constantly commenting on Bhigan Ram, Pata Nandkumar Bowler of state’s Chief Minister Bhopesh Bell. Brahmins, Thakurs and other societies addressed, yet were regularly present. The caliper was implemented. To harass me, young people Satchidanand Upadhyay and Dharma Samaj told me that we are going to be displayed like this across the state.

Humans were screened in the dharna
Among the saints who protested against the will are also included. As long as the situation is bad, it will be bad. This is also done. The cops didn’t make a mistake. This mantra is in Bhupesh Baghel’s press. Even after descending for some distance, I had to bow down. The condition of the item in healthy condition and the status of the police will change on receipt of the information of the item. The police once again raised slogans of Jai Shri Ram.

Gandhi’s remarks in Raipur’s Dharma Sabha
26 was recorded incorrectly at a later time. Regularly a video was released that your program is complete. I am not the father of the nation Gandhi. In fact, he accepts the death penalty. Its security system has been kept in good condition. Stopped in Kalacharan. Meanwhile, Maharashtra Police is also going to Kali Charan twice to Bardha and Pune. Controller of Kalicharan in Chhattisgarh – Congress leaders face to face


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