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CM Ashok Gehlot targets BJP for taking Priyanka Gandhi name

AT AT AT AHMEDABAD AT AT AT AT RAJASTHAN’S ENTITLE STATES AT AT RAJASTHAN’S CENTRAL HOME MARKET IS DIETING FOR AMIT SHAH. Ashok Gehlot of Rajasthan said that we will do the authoring for the central home market Amit Shah, who will come to Rajasthan and be in accordance with the law in the environment, who will identify the crime of new crime. He was contacting people.

Jan Jan Jan Jan Sanchar Ticket for Gandhi

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Growth in Modi- Amit Shah’s development

As Gehlot said that people repeatedly drag the name of Gandhi Gandhi. The Indian Constitution is based on the Constitution. We are for Amit Shah’s arrival. State Defense Defense to Amit Shah. Get information about Amit State’s travel and state government’s innovation. Gehlot had said that the sound of NCRB being locked in 2020 was completely in comparison to the actual year. According to the database, there has been a decrease in all types of dacoity, robbery, criminal, rape, rebellion, naqbjani, in 2020 in the situation. According to this act, the crime in the city of the city is 62. 29. In the year 2021, the remarks of 4.77 among themselves in Rajasthan. It has been said that the Governor has registered an FIR.

FIR for the authority of the court

Register FIR The policy is in effect that crime will increase. To apply to the media and to apply the question to the question. Although dangerous at the time of an attack by Paxos, it can still be dangerous. Punishment is getting the cat. CAM Gilot said that after the revival Phir Panjkaran, the law and order situation is better than the BJP ruled state to talk about the deeds in the criminals. In western government’s 3 pregnancies, 620 met with POCSO in pregnancies. Jeans 7 was heard and recited. Blame the investigation. … instead of being sheltered, meet Praharinodhi ji. ERCP which is 13 image scheme for Rajasthan. It seems so, of falafel too. Announcement announced.

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