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The son was furious for taking the daughter-in-law’s side. killed father

Weather turns into seasons. He was beaten to death by one of the jeans. It was done with the guilt of sin.” text-align: justify;”> was examined and examined. This incident is from Magra village of Behrol. Kekmal Lodhi is far away from his wife. Babu Lal gets on the fence to go to his daughter-in-law to kill Lal Nawad. Kamlesh liked this thing.

stick with a stick

Post updates from the police Hit Babu Lal with batons. There was an incident of heat in Bab Lal’s head. Later, Kamlesh did probation for disposing of the body, but his plan was dreamed.

In this situation the genetic officer, Barmao Singh has done so. The police investigation is investigated and investigated.

This too further –

The man did the stunt of disturbance in the air, crossed in one axle

21 Similar weather is also harmful, similarly it is dangerous to life

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