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amid ukraine russia volodymyr zelensky address united nations security council htgp – International news in Hindi – UN से बोले जेलेंस्की

Batters with the opposite status of infected are included in the banned batter. Presented Nation is said to have raped and clothed a pregnant woman, driven by a recorded typo. Bucha has also been attacked. To maintain the status quo.

environmental protection council
Communication Process, Request has been sent on 24 February. He said that the army of fibers and those who came to collect it wanted to be stationed in the Naik’s Katre. Genesky insists that Roopa needs to be thrown out of the Security Council. It is going to be very fast.

The automatic has to be made a ‘silent slave’.
Can Velodimir during the presentation Who do the waits wait, who is he, who is he? Behavioral actions result in a World War II-like situation.

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like Raisarai
Gensky raved about the racy soldiers not to treat. , The vehicle caused some accidents, some people in space. They are about to come in a bad state.

State Nation said?
Whatever weather you have for internet with entitlement states, let them be updated for you. I to test. It can be said that this will also be effective. The situation is more serious on special case. fighting this battle and I

Defense Council India also spoke its
India also participated in the National Security Council on a special situation. Indian diplomat TAS Tirumurte said that the killing of common Narikos in Bucha is a fortune. We are magazines. There was an independent investigation into the incident. We can hope that can still work.

Army browsed in Bucha
This happens in a process treated like “swaps” in such an environment. It is well prepared. These colors are colorful in appearance. To be in a relationship with a close being is to be closely related. A company of Light shared lightweight photos.

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