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modi Government Bans 22 YouTube Channels For Spreading Fake News check Full List here – Tech news hindi

The way the Indian government has gone viral is insane. The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (Ministry of I&B) has acted from the national security of India which blocks the YouTube channel. In the release released from Peeli Ki Aur Se, it is sung that Main Bari Hota Hai jab don’t do youtubenikon for 2021. P Communications said that it has blocked a news, a Facebook account and a newspaper. P TV is in block what channels they are.

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18 Indian Channels and 4 Channel Channels
LiveTime said that in May the time managed 22 feeds changed to the time box for the 18 Indian block channels typed in the 2021 update. This YouTube channel has more than 260 million views on YouTube videos.

List of blocked YouTube Indian channels

  1. ARP News (Total views: 4,40,68,652)
  2. AOP News (Total Views: 74,04,673)
  3. LDC News (4,72,000 Subscribers & 6,46,96,730 Total Views)
  4. SarkariBabu (2,44,000 Subscribers & 4,40,14,435 Total Views)
  5. SS Zone Hindi (Total Views:5,28,17,274)
  6. Smart News (Total Views: 13,07,34,161)
  7. News23Hindi (Total Views: 18,72,35,234)
  8. Online News (Total Views: 4,16,00,442)
  9. DP News (Total Views: 11,99,224)
  10. PKB News (Total Views: 2,97,71,721)
  11. Till Kisan (Total Views: 36,54,327)
  12. Borana News (Total Views: 2,46,53,931)
  13. Sarkari News Update (Total Views: 2,05,05,161)
  14. India Weather (2,95,000 subscribers and 7,04,14,480 total views)
  15. RJ Zone 6 (Total Views: 12,44,07,625)
  16. Exam Report (Total Views: 3,43,72,553)
  17. Digi Gurukul (Total Views: 10,95,22,595)
  18. News of the day (total views: 23,69,305)

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Pakistan YouTube Channel List

  1. The world is ahead (4,28,000 subscribers and 11,29,96,047 total views)
  2. Ghulam Nabi Madani (Total Views: 37,90,109)
  3. Haqeeqat TV (40,90,000 subscribers and 1,46,84,10,797 total views)
  4. Haqeeqat TV 2.0 (3,03,000 Subscribers & 37,542,059 Total Views)

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