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The shadow planet Ketu will transit in April for these 3 zodiac signs there will be strong yoga for promotion in the job

According to astrology, miraculous miracles will happen for the future. The lordship of the planet Venus will transit from Scorpio to the planet Venus on April 12, 2022, at 11.18 pm, in the zodiac sign of Venus. Ketu Patra’s official texture on all 12 sketches. Learn

CapricornThe transit of the planet Ketu will start the life of the people of Capricorn. Ketu should be in the 11th house of the zodiac. It has benefited. This is how you can be paid. You will get instant monetary benefits. It is useful for this transit.

Sun God Height Pisces Water transit in Pisces, the pain and pain of these 3 zodiac signs will go away in the app

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Cancer- To be able to for Ketu transit Cancer horoscope. Ketu will transit in the fourth house of your zodiac. Children’s happiness and mother’s feeling. This go. The people doing job can get new ones. WhatsApp’s WhatsApp contains WhatsApp.

Aquarius- Aquarius sign people will have Ketu transit in the ninth house. The ninth house is called the house of destiny. complete with this time. Which working table will succeed. Time for the people to prepare for the exam. This time it lasts for a while.

People born on these dates are kind people, there is no shortage of other person

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