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Bigg Boss 15: Prateek Sehjpal breaks bathroom lock in anger, creates ruckus in the house

Bigg Boss 15 Latest Updates: All that is happening in Bigg Boss 15 which never happened before. The first week would be so uproar, no one expected it at all. In the very first week, everything has happened in the house from debate to vandalism. But what has happened this time has never happened in the season so far. Pratik Sehajpal, who is often seen in anger, has again come under the target of family members due to his actions. After all, what is the matter, let me tell you.

Prateek broke the bathroom lock
This time Prateek Sehjpal got angry and broke the lock of the bathroom. That too when Vidhi Pandya was taking a bath in the bathroom. Coming out of the bathroom, Vidhi Pandya told the family members about this, after which there was a lot of commotion and commotion in the house. But the special thing was that Prateek was not ready to accept his mistake. And he refused to even say sorry.

In the last episode, it was shown how Prateek Sehjpal and Jai Bhanushali came face to face. And the dispute between the two reached till a scuffle. After which Prateek also damaged the property of the house. But all the family members had to bear the brunt of Prateek’s mistake. Because Bigg Boss nominated all the members of the house for this week. Although the family members objected to the fact that they were being nominated unnecessarily, but still Bigg Boss did not listen to them. Now it will be interesting to see who leaves the show this Sunday.

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