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How did PM Modi strengthen the federal structure of the country? Know from Union Home Minister Amit Shah

New Delhi: PM Narendra Modi has completed 20 years while ruling the central and state government. On this occasion, Union Home Minister Amit Shah had a special conversation with Parliament TV. During this, Amit Shah praised PM Modi fiercely. He said, ‘I have never seen an audience like Modi ji. In any meeting, Modi ji at least speaks, listens patiently to everyone and then takes appropriate decisions.

Amit Shah said, ‘The three big stages in the life of Modi ji, all three were challenging and he successfully overcome all the three challenges with great patience and strong political will. I believe that this is a great quality of his leadership.

“There were three big stages in PM Modi’s life, all three were challenging”
In an interview on a government channel, Amit Shah said, ‘Modi ji’s public life can be done in 3 parts. First- as an organizational after joining BJP. Second- As the Chief Minister of Gujarat. Third- As Prime Minister in national politics. As the organization minister of Gujarat, he set an excellent example of how the credibility of one party can be built in the public mind. Gujarat BJP’s journey started within just a year of becoming the organization minister. In 1990, we came to the government in stake, it was 50 per cent. Came in full majority in 1995 and from there BJP has not looked back till today.

Amit Shah further said, ‘After becoming the Chief Minister, Narendra Modi ji understood the nuances of administration with great patience, connected experts with the administration and took the plans of the government to the public. His hard work, meticulous planning, a tenacity for implementation made the BJP stand out. The earthquake which would become a blot for BJP at one point of time, it seemed that the whole world appreciated the development work of the earthquake. You go to Bhuj and see, on one hand there is an earthquake in Latur and also in Bhuj. The entire Bhuj was renovated, the growth rate increased by 37% after that.

He further said, ‘During the successful Chief Ministership of Modi ji, not only in Gujarat, a ray of hope was awakened across the country that there is no defect in the multi-party democratic system. It can be successful, it can deliver, it can go to the last person. Problems come, will come, will also come in future. But today, after Modi becomes the Prime Minister, the problem is addressed, addressed immediately, efforts are made to find its solution and it is taken forward with sensitivity.

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