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Minister Pargat Singh objected to Captain’s statement on the authority of BSF, said- he is with BJP

BSF Jurisdiction: The political atmosphere has heated up due to the increase in the jurisdiction of the Border Security Force (BSF) by the Center. The Union Home Ministry has now allowed BSF officers to conduct searches, arrests and seizures in West Bengal, Punjab and Assam in areas up to 50 km along the country’s border. On Wednesday, the Punjab government had raised a strong objection to this. Now Punjab Congress MLA Pargat Singh has given a statement on this issue. Pargat Singh has taken a dig at former Chief Minister of the state Captain Amarinder Singh for his statement.

Punjab Congress MLA Pargat Singh said, “I have always said that Captain Amarinder Singh is only with BJP. Earlier he went to Delhi for delay in buying paddy and now… if you are deploying BSF in Punjab So it shows your intention to impose Governor’s rule.”

MLA Pargat Singh said, “I want to appeal to the Union Home Minister not to take Punjab in a different direction for the 2022 and 2024 elections. We will not allow anyone to communalise Punjab.”

Former Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh on increasing the jurisdiction of BSF said, “Our jawans are being killed in Kashmir. We are seeing that Pakistan terrorists are sending more and more arms and narcotics to Punjab. Only the increased powers and scope will give us more strength. That’s why we should not drag BSF into politics.”

He further said, “Parisal views cannot and should not determine our stand on the issue of national security. I said and repeat it even during the 2016 surgical strikes. We have to rise above politics when India’s security is at stake, as it is now.”

Let us inform that BSF can now conduct raids and seizures to catch drugs within a radius of 50 km from the border. Earlier this range was limited to only 15 kms. However, the BSF used to act only within a radius of 100 meters. Congress leaders are calling it a unilateral decision of the Union Home Ministry to increase the jurisdiction of BSF.

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