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NCB’s reply to the court on Aryan Khan – this is part of a bigger conspiracy, it cannot be seen separately

Mumbai Drugs cruise Case: A hearing was held in the court today regarding the bail application of Shahrukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan, who was jailed in the drugs case. During the hearing, NCB presented its side in the court. The NCB told the court that even though the banned substance may not have been recovered from Aryan Khan, it is part of a larger conspiracy. The NCB also told the court that Aryan Khan is accused of using a banned substance and that the banned substance has been recovered from Arbaaz Merchant.

The NCB said in the court that the charges of one accused and the charges against others cannot be separated. The investigating agency said with reasoning that the investigation of this case is very important. NCB said that in this case, the agency is investigating about the transaction of money from abroad, which is very important.

Let us tell you that today Aryan’s bail plea is being heard in the court. After today’s decision of the court, it will be clear whether Aryan Khan will remain in jail or he will be given bail. If Aryan Khan does not get bail today or tomorrow, he will have to stay in jail for a whole week. Because, the court is closed from 15th to 19th.

What happens if you get bail?

If Aryan Khan is granted bail by the court, then Aryan’s lawyers will have to put all the documents in the letter box of the jail before the sun sets. If the documents are not put in the letter box by 6 o’clock, then Aryan will have to spend another night in jail and he will be able to come out of jail the next day.

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