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Skyup airline’s air hostess will be seen in trousers and sneakers instead of high heels and pencil skirts


p style="text-align: justify;"Crew women of Skyup airline, one of Ukraine’s big budget airlines, will now be seen in casual dresses and sneakers instead of pencil skirts, blazers and high heels. Skyup airline was established in the year 2016. It is one of the lowest cost airlines in Ukraine.


p style="text-align: justify;"The airline said that after surveying the crew members, all the members are being allowed to wear sneakers and pants. During the survey, it was found that women employees are fed up with high heel shoes and pencil skirts. Flight attendant Daria Solomenaya, 27, told the BBC that traveling from Kiev to Zanzibar and back, it is difficult to stand on one’s feet in this 12-hour journey. If high heels are worn then walking becomes more difficult. In addition to the journey, it also includes a four-hour security check and cleaning. 

feet problems due to high hills


p style="text-align: justify;"Solomania said, ‘It affects the health of the crew members. Apart from this, many associates go to the podologist. His toes and his nails are constantly damaged due to high hills. There are other problems with tight skirts and heels too. If an aircraft makes an emergency landing on the water, the flight attendant has to run to open the exit door over the wing. So how can I do it in a pencil skirt’.

Skyup crew members to be seen in new outfits

This move of Skype airline is commendable. According to a press release, the airline’s passengers will soon see SkyUp flight attendants wearing the new uniform. Nike Max 720 sneakers have been included in place of high heel shoes. These shoes will give comfort to the crew members throughout the day. The airline said that crew members would wear soft stitched trench court and trouser suits instead of suits and tight skirts. 

Skyup airline head Marianna Grigorsch explained the concept behind the orange color uniform, saying, “Times have changed, women have changed, so have to move away from the stereotype of dress, high hills shoes and red lipstick.” Now a new, modern and comfortable picture of our airline will come out’. 

‘After studying and surveying flight attendants, we have started working on a new image. So we decided to go for sneakers instead of high heels. Mariana Grigorsch told the BBC that her female employees have told the company that she does not want to present herself as “sexy and playful”.    


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