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There is no reserve coal for even a day in 15 power plants, the work is being run by the daily supply

Coal Crisis: Today that proverb is proving true literally for many power generation plants of the country – Dig a well and drink water everyday. This is because these plants do not have reserve coal for even a day. Their work is being done only by the daily supply of coal.

The shortage of coal in these plants can be estimated from the data given on the website of the Central Electricity Authority. According to the data available on the website till October 11, there is not even a day’s reserve of coal left in 15 power generation plants in the country. These include 3-3 plants in Uttar Pradesh and Haryana while 2-2 plants in Maharashtra and West Bengal.

1-1 plants in Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Jharkhand are also facing this shortage of coal. This means that if there is a blockage or shortfall in the supply of coal to these plants for even a day, then production in these plants will stop.

On an average, reserve stock of more than 20 days is considered standard in these plants. The production capacity of these 15 plants is 15290 MW. Apart from these 15 plants, the condition of many other plants also remains critical. A total of 27 plants with a generation capacity of 35360 MW have only one day’s reserve stock left. At the same time, there are 20 plants in which only 2 days and 21 plants have only 3 days of stock left.

The total generation capacity of these plants is 49769 MW. Apart from this, there is a reserve of 4 days in 20 plants, 5 days in 5 plants and 6 days in 8 plants. For example, in the thermal power station of the Center located at Dadri in Uttar Pradesh, on October 11, the demand for coal was 19000 tonnes, while the supply could be only 18000 tonnes. On the other hand, coal could not be supplied to Khamberkheda and the centrally located thermal power station in Uttar Pradesh itself on October 11.

According to the website, the reasons due to which the supply of coal is decreasing include reasons like non-preparation of stocks by the plants, dues of coal companies on the plants and problems and delays in coal transportation.

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